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Investing in your employees’ education opens doors to opportunity for our entire San Antonio region. Adults who complete their degree or certificate can earn more money, advance their careers, and improve job security. 


As an employer, you have the opportunity to build a talent base for your company that will fuel long-term sustainability. By investing in your employees, you will be able to foster job satisfaction, increase productivity, and promote company loyalty. 


Take this common scenario scenario:

An employee has been with the company for 15 years, but has not been promoted due to not having a degree. She visits her Talent Management team, and they provide her with information on the Tuition Assistance Program. 


With so many colleges, degree plans, course schedules, how does she decided which college is the best fit before using her company’s tuition assistance?


Upgrade works with employers to upskill their workforce by offering an array of services that meets the employer’s needs. Services may include:

Onsite individual advising for employees

Connections to partner college staff

Coordination of Education Fairs onsite

Workshops on educational topics

Surveys to determine employees interests & needs

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