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All workshops in April will be available via Zoom. Zoom is a free app that enables both screen sharing and video chatting. Zoom can be downloaded to your smart phone or computer. Please be sure to RSVP so that a staff member can send you the Zoom invite. In the meantime, please download Zoom to your computer or phone. 


Workshop Series 1 of 3

Meet & Greet/Resource Swap

Monday, April 6th 
10-11AM or 6-7PM
The purpose of this workshop is to build community so that you can meet other Upgrade students who are currently enrolled. Micaela Rios will facilitate this workshop and provide an interview of resources as you navigate this new normal. I will include community resources and academic resources. If you have something you would like to share with the group, we encourage you to share! 

Workshop Series 2 of 3

Balancing Work, School and Family at Home
Wednesday, April 8th 

10-11AM or 6-7PM

Learn strategies and tips for making the transition to online learning, while also being a parent and managing your household. Multi-tasking is getting more difficult with the recent changes. Elizabeth Velarde will facilitate this workshop. .

Workshop Series 3 of 3

Stress Management
Friday, April 10th 

10-11AM or 6-7PM

With so much going on, stress is running high for many of us. With the changes in our city and country, these changes are likely to continue. This workshop will focus on strategies and resources that can be helpful during these times. 

Back to School 101

Tuesday, April 21st 

Due to our many recent inquiries on the program this past February, we will be providing workshops on information to consider for returning to complete a credential. The workshop will include: an overview of college options, like credit for work/life experiences, online learning, selecting a major, financial aid and the college application process. 

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